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Catastrophic injury cases change the course of an injured person’s life, and the lawyers of Ogborn Mihm understand the impact of those injuries can spread to every facet of the victim’s daily living.  Handling each catastrophic personal injury case, which may include traumatic brain injuries, burn injuries from fire or electrocution, spinal injuries and paralysis, and amputations, requires an individualized approach.  We take the time to understand who the injured person was, is, and will be.  We monitor medical care and work with medical treaters to assess future medical needs.  We counsel those family members and significant others whose lives are oftentimes directly impacted by the injuries as well and who may be the point of contact for the injured person.  We assist clients with addressing personal and workers compensation insurance issues, as well as liens and subrogation interests.  We work with other professionals as necessary to ensure clients receive sound financial advice in order to protect their future interests.  And we do all of this while navigating the oftentimes complex legal and medical issues involved in catastrophic personal injury lawsuits.  In short, we support and guide our clients through the process of coping with significant injuries and obtaining compensation for those injuries.

Managing the Big Picture

Every catastrophically injured client has different legal, medical, personal, and financial needs, and Ogborn Mihm has experience in identifying and helping the client address those needs.  We work with life care planners, vocational rehabilitationists, and economists to paint the entire picture of past and future physical injuries, permanent impairments, and lost income.  Knowing that catastrophic injuries impact every facet of the injured person’s daily life—including self-care, ambulation, employment, and transportation—Ogborn Mihm works to document those far-reaching impacts and present a complete picture of damages to the insurance company or defendant.  We also have experience bringing claims on behalf of the injured person’s spouse in the form of loss of consortium claims.  These claims include loss of affection, loss of household services, and financial losses caused by the spouse’s injury.  The lawyers and staff of Ogborn Mihm maintain regular contact with our clients to advise and answer questions.  And Ogborn Mihm has been successful in obtaining millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts on behalf of our clients.

How We Can Help

We have experience representing those individuals who have been catastrophically injured, and we take only the most significant cases because we understand the time and attention required handle these cases.  These cases can involve hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in medical care bills and lost income, in addition to the significant emotional and mental damages, permanent impairment, and disfigurement damages.  Ogborn Mihm takes the time to learn about and tell each client’s story.  In doing so, we ensure our clients receive the individualized attention they need and the legal representation required to recover as much as possible on their behalf.

Featured Cases

Catastrophic Brain Injury -- When a client suffered a severe traumatic brain injury resulting in near total cognitive loss and hemiplegia due to a speeding semi-driver and multi-car pile-up on a Utah interstate, Ogborn Mihm successfully tried the case and obtained for the client a verdict exceeding $10 million.

Amputee -- After a grain truck lost brake control while unloading, it ran over a grain elevator employee who lost his leg above the knee as a result.  Ogborn Mihm successfully brought claims against the driver of the truck, as well as the owner of the truck.  A maximum recovery was obtained from each of those defendants.  The case involved complex issues with workers’ compensation and Medicare, as well as numerous medical procedures and bills, that Ogborn Mihm helped the client successfully navigate.

Semi-Truck crashes into accident scene – Double Amputee - $1.0 Million Settlement. When a careless truck driver wasn’t watching the road and crashed into an earlier auto accident scene, our client, who was standing nearby, lost both of his legs in the crash. The injured man retained Michael Mihm to represent him. The trucking company paid a $1.0 million policy limits settlement before trial.

Spinal Injury -- A client suffered catastrophic spinal injury resulting in paraplegia following a car crash caused by a drunk driver.  Ogborn Mihm recovered on the client’s behalf many times more than the policy limits coverage.

Significant Burns -- When a foreman at a door manufacturing plant suffered significant burns to his face and 70% of his body caused by the employer’s failure to provide a safe work environment, Ogborn Mihm took the case to trial and obtained a significant recovery on behalf of the client.

Serious Burns -- Representation of an electrician who was electrocuted and suffered serious burns as a result of the defendant’s mislabeling of a circuit box.  The client obtained a favorable verdict and recovered from the defendant.

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