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Featured Cases

Police Officer is Shot and Killed by Fellow Officer –42 U.S.C. §1983 Claim for Violation of Fourth Amendment - $3.5 million Settlement. When a Lakewood, Colorado, police department violated numerous procedures during a SWAT incident, and a police officer shot and killed a fellow officer also working the scene, the deceased officer’s widow hired Murray Ogborn and Clayton Wire to file a lawsuit against the City of Lakewood police department in the United States District Court. In an extraordinarily challenging civil rights case, the attorneys at Ogborn Mihm represented the estate of the deceased police officer. The case was vigorously defended by multiple law firms. In the end, we were able to prove that the shooting officer violated the deceased officer’s civil rights by unreasonably ignored multiple indications that the deceased was a police officer and thus posed no threat. The case settled for $3.5 million before trial. Tamara Davies, as personal representative of the Estate of James Davies, v. The City of Lakewood, Colorado, et al., Civil Action No. 14-cv-01285-RBJ-NYW, United States District Court for the District of Colorado.

Personal Injury – Construction Accident – $2.875 Million Settlement. When a careless crane operator dragged a 21-ton concrete beam onto the head of a welder working in a cherry picker, the beam crushed the welder’s face and he lost his sight. The welder and his wife retained Michael Mihm to pursue a lawsuit against the negligent crane company. Michael filed suit, and settled the case for $2.875 million before trial. Paul Snow and Patrece Snow v. Rocky Mountain Structures, Denver Colorado. Case No. 07CV11784, District Court, City and County of Denver, Colorado.

Catastrophic Brain Injury caused during twelve car pile-up, car collision.

Severe Electrical Burns, negligence.

Elderly woman injured in an electric wheelchair collision at a nursing home.

Defective front end loader wrongful death

Fall through a trapdoor in a bar, premises liability.

Wife lost husband to motorcycle accident, wrongful death.

Birth defects caused by air-born toxic substance

Amputation of arm by electric saw

Tractor-trailer Accident Causes Double Leg Amputation

Corporate Negligence – Wrongful Death - $9.33 Million Jury Verdict. When a Denver grade school teacher died from melanoma that the teacher’s HMO negligently left untreated, Peter McClenahan and another attorney filed suit against the HMO. The litigation lasted for years. In June 2013, Peter and another attorney presented the case during a 10-day trial. The Denver jury awarded $9.33 million to the decedent’s family.

Professional Malpractice - $4.8 Million Jury Verdict. After a chemistry professor at the University of Colorado suffered a massive debilitating stroke as a result of the defendant’s negligence, Peter McClenahan prosecuted the case from start to finish. In August of 2013, Peter and another attorney undertook a two week trial in Colorado Springs. The jury award $4.8 million to the client.

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