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To protect public health and safety, access to our physical office is restricted and we are working remotely to serve our clients. Our attorneys are available to schedule convenient, remote meetings either by phone or video conference.
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Video Transcript

MURRAY OGBORN: I am Murray Ogborn. I’m a partner in the law firm of Ogborn Mihm. I have been a trial lawyer for 46 years.

Trial law is the only thing I have done in the field of law. I have tried cases in federal and state courts throughout the country. I have represented defendants and plaintiffs in almost every type of case you can imagine.

I am originally from South Dakota - Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I practiced law there. I graduated from the law school at the University of South Dakota. Left my small law firm and joined a national law firm which had its home office in Lincoln, Nebraska. I gravitated toward Denver because that was another office in that system. I saw the mountains, loved them and I loved the environment so I eventually settled here. Still love to travel throughout the United States and try cases.

Most of all I like representing people. It’s just something I take extreme joy in doing. I absolutely love being in the Courtroom. I love representing clients. It is the joy that I experience to the highest extent.

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