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Communicating With Juries

Nov 27th, 2019

Video Transcript: Communicating with Juries

MURRAY OGBORN: Jurors tend to understand things in different ways depending on how they fit into certain age groups primarily, and also socio-economic backgrounds. The older the person is, they probably learned primarily through the written word. The next cohort of age groups, they probably learned primarily through television. And, if that’s the case, then they’ve received most of their information through 20-second sound-bites. And the next generation, probably through the internet. So you have to mix your message to the various recipients that are going to be on the jury. More and more, you’re seeing younger people who will enjoy and better receive messages if it’s pictorial and it comes through internet-type messages. So you can’t be static. Now, you have to understand all this to communicate effectively with a jury. People that are used to arguing the law with judges instead of the facts with jurors don’t understand this.