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Mass Torts

From faulty implants to medical mesh-related injuries to pharmaceutical complications, our expertise extends to fighting harmful practices by large corporations in the United States. We take a particular interest in representing clients against medical device companies. Ogborn Mihm uses mass torts to bring strong cases against some of the nation’s most prominent healthcare companies. Our firm’s strength can help consumers fight for compensation from big businesses across eight states – don’t underestimate the value of qualified medical device and product litigation attorneys.

Fighting large corporations can take considerable resources, and mass torts allow our attorneys to focus on recovering as much compensation as possible for our clients. Mass torts are legal actions that enable law firms to group together multiple plaintiffs, who have been harmed in similar ways, against a corporation.  Pooling these legal resources can help ensure that all plaintiffs receive proper compensation.  But it is important to know that, in these types of lawsuits, the unique factors of your case are taken into consideration. We are experts at using this form of legal action to bring considerable compensation to medical device related claims.

Hernia Mesh

A hernia is a common medical condition that affects all segments of the population. In some instances, a type of supportive implant is used to treat this issue. This section of our website provides information to help you better understand hernias, hernia mesh, and the potential ramifications of using this medical implant. The hernia mesh facts in this article can provide a clearer picture of the procedure and its potential disadvantages.

IVC Filter

If there is a manufacturing or design fault that results in complications for your or your family member, you may be entitled to compensation from the company. Fractures in IVC filters cause many problems for people with these implants – if a manufacturing default causes a fracture or migration, you should consider your legal options against the company.

Alternatively, many IVC filters come with substantial warranties, which companies use to guarantee the safety of their products. If a company breaches this warrant in any way, you may be entitled to significant compensation. Manufacturers of medical devices are required to adhere to strict guidelines in terms of their product warranties, so don’t let yourself be taken advantage of by an irresponsible IVC filter manufacturer.

Finally, in some instances, if a medical device manufacturing company does not warn you about specific risks or issues before you use their product, you may be entitled to compensation. Manufacturing companies should provide disclosure on potential problems with their products – not doing so can land them in hot water. If you feel you were not warned about known risks or issues, it’s time to consider your legal options against the manufacturer.

Dangerous Drugs

The lawyers at Ogborn Mihm have experience handling mass tort cases involving the manufacture of dangerous drugs, including Taxotere, Benicar, and Sartan Drugs, that harm the people who use them.  These cases may involve inadequate testing or failing to adequately warn of risks or side effects.  Each case is different, and we investigate the particular harm caused to each client in order to pursue the damages available based on each individual circumstance.

If you or a loved one were harmed by these dangerous products, contact our office.

Mass Torts Lawyers