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Our Trial Experience

Nov 28th, 2019

Video Transcript

MURRAY OGBORN: Trying a case to a jury or to a court is like being in a prize fight. It’s exhausting! It’s draining mentally and physically. I think that any lawyer that says he or she has won every case they’ve handled has probably never handled a case or never been to trial.

MIKE OGBORN: At Ogborn Mihm, we have a reputation as trial lawyers. What that means is that when many lawyers will shy away from the courtroom, we not only build that case to go to trial, we actually go to trial.

MICHAEL MIHM: The philosophy of assuming that every case is going to trial, preparing every case as if it were going to trial, is that I have been told by mediators that we do better in settlement because our opponents, insurance companies, the law firms we go up against, know that we’ll go to the mat, that we will take the case to trial.

MURRAY OGBORN: Every lawyer who tries cases knows what kind of an effort goes into preparing and trying those cases. They know that you give a little bit of your soul to every client you represent.

MIKE OGBORN: I have over 200 jury trials completed to verdict. It’s a lot more than most lawyers. I love what I do. I love being in the courtroom.