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Why Even Experienced Motorcyclists Sometimes Crash

May 11th, 2022

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month–and yet, despite every effort you might make to practice motorcycle safety, the fact remains that motorcycling comes with inherent risk. There are many variables outside your control, and you simply have less protection from injury on a motorcycle than you would inside a car, for example. Even the most experienced motorcyclists sometimes crash, leading to serious injury or even death. Let’s discuss some reasons why.

Other Vehicles on the Road

You can control your own actions and decisions on a motorcycle—but you can’t control the movements of other drivers. It can be hard for motorists to see motorcycles (or they may just not be looking for them), so they may change lanes without checking first, or they may turn right in front of an oncoming motorcycle. The carelessness and negligence of other drivers on the road can cause great injury or even be fatal, even for the most experienced motorcyclists.

Bad Road Conditions

The road itself can present many hazards to experienced motorcyclists. If the pavement is slick with rain or oil, or if there are potholes, debris, or other unseen obstacles in the road, they can easily throw a motorcycle off balance or cause the tires to lose traction, causing the rider to lose control and crash. At high speeds, this can be particularly dangerous.

Motorcycle Defects

No matter how experienced you are, it’s important to remember that motorcycles are complex machines with many parts that can fail. A sudden mechanical issue, such as a blown tire or brake failure, can cause a motorcycle to crash through no fault of the rider. In many cases, these issues result from faulty manufacturer design or flawed materials.

Rider Error

Ironically, one of the biggest hazards a skilled motorcyclist can face is overconfidence in their abilities. If you become too comfortable with your skills, you may take risks you wouldn’t normally take, such as driving too fast for road conditions or weaving in and out of traffic. Although you may have the experience to pull these maneuvers off safely most of the time, eventually, you’re likely to make a mistake that could lead to a crash and subsequent injuries.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident where you were operating the bike as safely as possible, someone else may be legally liable for your injuries—whether it’s another driver, the motorcycle manufacturer, or even the government responsible for maintaining road conditions. Our law office can help you receive any compensation due to you. Call today to schedule a consultation.