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Automobile Accident

Automobile collisions do more than cause physical losses to property – they cause bodily injuries that can lead to financial and emotional devastation, as well as a reduced quality of life. By taking the time to get to know each client personally, we are able to fully grasp the impact of crash-related injuries on the various aspects of that individual’s life. We also work with medical experts who use advanced technology to make sure that our clients receive the best available treatment and appropriate diagnosis, ultimately helping them reach the fullest possible recovery after a serious injury.

In addition to taking a medical approach to handling automobile crashes, we regularly get opinions from experts to prove our clients’ economic damages. These professionals are able to quantify and testify to the value of past losses, as well as those that will impact the future for our clients and their families. Such experts can include a life care planner to evaluate lifetime medical needs, a vocational consultant to evaluate workability loss, and an accountant to evaluate lost earnings and lost earnings capacity. Our firm has the resources available to retain expert opinions like these in order to secure the best outcome for each case.

Trucking Accidents

Collisions involving commercial trucks and semi-trailers cause devastating injuries. The size and weight of these vehicles play a significant role in the serious nature of trucking accidents, and often, the truck’s contents can add to the severity of the incident. Our team will undertake an extensive investigation of the incident, including how it occurred, the trucker’s driving record, the training standards offered by the trucking company, and the safety and inspection records of the driver’s employer. Because time is a factor, we act quickly to preserve and obtain the data recorder evidence. Ogborn Mihm has worked with numerous victims of trucking crashes, so we understand the laws regulating large, commercial trucks, and we have the experience to successfully navigate these specialized cases.

Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents

Cyclists are at a significantly increased risk of suffering severe injuries in a crash. Even when wearing a helmet and other protective gear, the lack of a physical barrier can lead to catastrophic injuries that require more recovery and medical care than in the average automobile crash. And these cases come with some unique challenges.  Insurance companies and jurors will tend to treat the victim unfairly simply because that individual was riding a motorcycle or bike instead of driving a car. Cyclists are often stereotyped as being “reckless” or “irresponsible.” After many years of working these cases, the team at Ogborn Mihm anticipates these misconceptions and has the experience to work around legal barriers and overcome biases.

Pedestrian Accidents

The physical and financial suffering that occur when a pedestrian is hit by a car can be overwhelming.  Because pedestrians lack the physical protection provided by a vehicle, a pedestrian is highly vulnerable to serious physical damages. Not only are these sometimes life-threatening injuries, but they also result in expensive healthcare costs that can be financially devastating.  In addition to demonstrating the physical harm done, the attorneys at Ogborn Mihm know how important internal injuries, lifetime medical needs, work loss, and reduced or lost earning capacity are to the overall claim. Working with an attorney experienced in pedestrian accident cases is essential to securing the resources needed to help in long-term recovery.

Uninsured Motorist Claims

The stress of an automobile accident is compounded when the at-fault driver is not carrying proper auto liability insurance. Damages related to the vehicle and injuries can result in mounting bills, causing financial hardship and potentially making it much more difficult to pursue recovery. One way to protect against this situation is to buy uninsured/underinsured motorist or “U” coverage on your own automobile insurance policy. It is inexpensive, particularly in relation to the benefits it provides, and your insurance company has a duty to treat you fairly when it comes to paying your damages under your U policy. Ogborn Mihm will hold insurers accountable to this standard.

How Ogborn Mihm is Different

Ogborn Mihm’s team of personal injury experts is dedicated to assisting individuals and their loved ones after automobile crashes. Too many personal injury law firms view their clients in terms of numbers and revenue rather than individuals with serious needs. More often than not, clients are rushed to low settlements and quick resolution.  Ogborn Mihm does not take this approach. We are experienced trial attorneys that prepare each case as if it will go to trial, which often results in our clients’ cases resolving by settlement for full value without the need for extensive litigation or trial.