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Burn Injury

Skin is the body’s largest organ, but burn injuries often impact more than just a person’s skin.  Severe burns can affect other organs, decrease mobility and function, increase risk of infection and future skin breakdown, and result in significant permanent scarring.  These injuries are just as much emotional as they are physical.  The lawyers at Ogborn Mihm have experience handling client’s burn injury cases and can help with burn injuries caused by a defective product, electrocution, explosion, or chemical.

We understand that burn injuries can require the involvement of many different physicians in many different areas of practice.  We know about the types of treatment available to burn patients, and we know that medical care does not stop just because the skin has finally healed over.  Our lawyers are able to help with the physical, psychological, emotional, and financial impacts that come with significant burn injuries.

Degree of Burns

Most people are familiar with first, second, and third degree burns, which vary in intensity and severity from a surface burn treated by Neosporin and a band-aid to burning through multiple layers of the skin.  Fewer people are familiar with fourth degree burns, which can burn clear through to the bone and damage nerves.  The severity of the burn and the percentage of the body burned can impact what treatment is appropriate—from antibiotics to skin grafts to amputation, as well as what a client’s future care needs may be.