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Product Liability

Product safety standards are in place to ensure basic levels of product safety. Unfortunately, there are instances in which a manufacturer does not adhere to safety laws and standards. When this happens, dangerous products can be placed into the market, leading to injuries, health complications, and financial losses for the purchasers of those products—the consumers. Products liability law (also known as defective products law) governs the civil process for compensating people who are injured by dangerous or defective products.

Ogborn Mihm believes that the manufacturers of products should be held accountable for any injuries or loss resulting from their failure to meet commercial regulations and safety standards. We are well-versed in cases involving ongoing health concerns and have vast trial experience that results in faster case resolution. Our firm is dedicated to helping individuals with the evaluation of their case and recovery of their losses in these situations.

Defective Automobiles

Every time an individual gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, their life is essentially put into the hands of the vehicle manufacturer. While the automotive industry is held to very high safety standards, tragically, each year people are injured or killed by preventable auto defects. Although manufacturers and insurers will attempt to place the blame solely on the driver, our expert attorneys know how to fight for the rights of drivers and passengers who have been injured due to a manufacturer’s negligence.

Dangerous Medications and Medical Devices

Whether the dangers associated with these products went unnoticed by the manufacturer or were noted but ignored, Ogborn Mihm works to make sure that medical manufacturers take proper responsibility for the distribution of unsafe medicine and/or medical devices. These cases can be challenging and expensive, but our team has the resources necessary to prove a defective or dangerous medical product case by demonstrating the extent of our client’s pain, suffering and loss.  And we go above and beyond the efforts offered by most attorneys to provide our clients not only an effective legal strategy, but a recovery plan that extends well after a case is settled.

Other Dangerous Products

The lawyers at Ogborn Mihm have represented clients in product liability cases involving various products, including helicopters, heavy machinery, and power tools.  Each case involves different industries, different standards, and different injuries.  Our lawyers know how to navigate these different waters to investigate and build the case, while also helping our clients navigate their own recovery.  If you or a loved one has been hurt by a product, contact our office.

How We Can Help

Injury resulting from faulty product design or manufacturing, misleading advertisement, poor or inadequate instructions and warnings, or other defects related to a product, needs immediate legal attention.  Although products liability laws exist to help individuals file claims against corporations, manufacturers of defective or dangerous products may attempt to intimidate an individual impacted by their negligence. Corporations retain teams of lawyers to discount and minimize claims. It is imperative that an individual harmed by corporate negligence retain capable, experienced legal representation.  The attorneys of Ogborn Mihm have fought for large settlements and won favorable judgments on behalf of many clients in product liability cases, and we know how to overcome powerful legal opposition.