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Our Client-Centered Practice

Nov 28th, 2019

Video Transcript

MURRAY OGBORN: Ogborn Mihm has a unique attitude about our clients.

MIKE OGBORN: We understand and appreciate that when a client walks in that door to retain us as counsel, it’s because they are in one of the hardest or worst positions in their life.

MICHAEL MIHM: At Ogborn Mihm, we make the client the center of our focus. We always keep in mind that it’s the client’s case, not our case.

MURRAY OGBORN: We believe that you cannot run a law firm and be successful with your clients, and do a supermarket-type operation. You have to take time with your clients. You have to pay attention to them. And most of all, you have to get to know them individually, whether they are a corporate officer or a mom and pop business operation, or an individual.

MICHAEL MIHM: And so everything we do is built around achieving the client’s goals; what is the client’s end game. We involve the client in the strategy sessions. We do the legal research. We do the jury research. We go to great efforts to find the client’s story.

MIKE OGBORN: They are looking at losing livelihood. They are looking at losing a business, They are looking at not being able to continue the life they have enjoyed up until that point.

MURRAY OGBORN: It is important to understand them, what makes them tick, because we have to present their story. Unless you are walking in their moccasins, we can’t adequately represent them. We can’t adequately tell their story. And that’s what we talk about as our personal attention to our clients.