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To protect public health and safety, access to our physical office is restricted and we are working remotely to serve our clients. Our attorneys are available to schedule convenient, remote meetings either by phone or video conference.
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Video Transcript

MURRAY OGBORN: The three senior partners in the law firm have tried hundreds of jury trials amongst us. And several years ago, we came to the recognition that that experience in front of juries would do us well in the commercial litigation arena. Historically, lawyers who have handled business litigation, including securities, contract litigation, banking litigation, real estate litigation, things like that, rarely ever tried cases, and even more infrequently tried jury trials. They would go in and try a bench trial, or a trial to the Court, but people that had practiced twenty and thirty years might not have ever appeared in front of a jury and tried a case. And we saw that as an advantage. Because of our vast experience of trying cases to juries, we understood that it’s a completely different atmosphere, a completely different experience. And so we decided to put that experience to good use and we started taking on more and more commercial cases. And I think it’s proved to great advantage. We can take cases to trial, demand a jury, and try these very complex cases.

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