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What a Personal Injury Lawyer Does For You

Nov 27th, 2019

Video Transcript | What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do for You?

MURRAY OGBORN: A lot of people think that a personal injury lawyer has one job and one job only, and that’s to get money for his or her client. And that is far, far from the truth. As a personal injury attorney, we do a lot of things. We deal with insurance companies of all sorts, including medical insurance, and health insurance companies. We make sure the client’s getting the health insurance company and the health insurance coverage they paid for. Ogborn Mihm LLP makes sure, believe it or not, that they get the health care that they need and the right specialists are being called in to attend. The most immediate thing that is important is that. Is your wife getting the care she should be getting and is that care getting paid for?

Secondarily, is the proper investigation being conducted by the authorities, and independently, to determine the facts of what happened and to preserve evidence? That’s of immediate importance. Is there a risk that evidence is going to be destroyed? Is there a risk that the witness observations are going to disappear? Does an investigation need to be conducted immediately? Those are the first things that need to happen. There’s a whole array of things that a personal injury attorney needs to pay attention to. And a lot of it involves the comfort of the entire family and the long-range considerations that will affect all of their lives.