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Who Am I – Betsy Hyatt

Nov 27th, 2019

Video Transcript

ELIZABETH HYATT: I’m Betsy Hyatt. I practice in the areas of legal malpractice and business disputes. And I think that I have one of the most interesting jobs in the world.

I grew up in Colorado. I went to undergraduate at Colorado State. I majored in Economics with a minor in Mathematics. I went to law school at the University of Colorado in Boulder and started practicing in Denver right after graduation.

I am happily married and have a daughter who is entering double digits. It’s an exciting time for our family. I can’t imagine doing anything other than litigation. There’s nothing I like more than getting up in front of a jury or a judge and being so prepared that I know everything the other side is going to say and I have an answer for it. It is so fun. I get to learn about different areas of law. Every matter I have is a chance for me to keep learning. I know people who talk about being lifelong students and I feel like I get to be a life-long student by my job.