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Who Am I – Michael Ogborn

Nov 27th, 2019

Video Transcript


My name is Mike Ogborn. I am a trial lawyer. I have been a trial lawyer, I think my whole life. I grew up with my father being a lawyer, having him tell me that the one thing I shouldn’t do is go to law school. Quite frankly it was the singular best advice I did not take from him.

Initially, I went to the University of South Dakota which is where my father and my uncle had gone to law school. I came back to Colorado for a job, and once I was back in Colorado, I found it too difficult to leave. So I ended up staying here and graduating from Denver University School of Law.

After leaving the Denver District Attorney’s Office, I went with a small litigation firm in downtown Denver, Colorado. After about a year, I formed a firm with my father. We ran that firm for about 18 years before we joined with another firm and the firm of Ogborn Mihm was formed.

Since then I have had the privilege to represent small businesses, individuals, as well as large companies. I can tell you that over the last five years, I have done trials in Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Utah. We go where our clients need us to go.

Ogborn Mihm is the only firm in the state of Colorado that has had three presidents elected from the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association to serve and lead that organization. I think that says a lot about what our peers think of us and what kind of trial lawyers we have in the firm.

I love what I do. I am happy to go to work every day. I enjoy representing people. I enjoy helping businesses. I enjoy stepping into situations where people may be in the worst part of their life and being able to help them put it back together and come out in better shape.