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Who I Am – Michael Mihm

Nov 27th, 2019

Video Transcript

MICHAEL MIHM: My name is Michael Mihm. I am a trial attorney. I have been practicing for 30 years. I focus my practice on legal malpractice and business litigation. I attended the University of Southern California, Gould School of Law in Los Angeles.

In 1985, my wife and I and our newborn daughter moved to Denver and we have been based in Denver ever since.

I handle cases all through the southwestern United States. I think of my last six trials, four have been in states other than Colorado.

Over the years I have had occasion to represent many dozens of lawyers. Whether they are practicing or non-practicing, I found lawyers to be very challenging clients, very interesting clients. They tend to be very intelligent. They tend to be very demanding of themselves and of their legal counsel. But in the end, they are all clients, they are all people, and they need representation just like anyone else.

I have been honored to have been elected by my peers to be president of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association. I am also pleased that my two partners, Mike Ogborn and Murray Ogborn, have also been presidents of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association.

One of the comments I got from a client once that really stuck with me. It was a little legal malpractice case that I was doing for free. She said, “I felt like I had to fight my lawyer to fight for me.”

One thing that clients will find if they hire Ogborn Mihm as their attorneys is that they don’t have to fight their lawyers to fight for them. We like trials. It’s kind of what we live for and what we enjoy.