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Who Am I – Thomas Neville

Nov 27th, 2019

Video Transcript


Education & Experience

As an undergraduate, I studied at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. I was very fortunate while I was there to get the chance to study abroad. I spent a semester studying in Ireland and then I spent six months studying at Oxford.

After I graduated from college, I came to Colorado and had the good fortune to get accepted at University of Denver’s College of Law.

As a chancellor’s scholar, I spent a significant amount of time in law school volunteering with the Colorado Public Defender’s Office.

After law school, I clerked at the Colorado Court of Appeals. Over my two years there, I worked for three different judges. And then I started with what is now Ogborn Mihm.

My time at Ogborn Mihm, I have tried a number of cases. I’ve worked on many more involving a huge variety of areas of law and legal issues.

Thomas Neville’s Background

I grew up in Alaska and both of my parents were involved in the law. My father was a private investigator who worked for Alaska’s Office of Public Advocacy. My mother was a lawyer and a judge. She fought to be allowed to be a lawyer and became a lawyer in the 1970’s. She had to deal with guys in the office who wanted to treat her like an extension of the steno pool. Both of them left me with the knowledge and the understanding that everybody needs somebody who will stand up and fight for them. And that’s why I am the lawyer that I am.